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Testing Machines

Universal Testing Machines
Suitable for testing a wide range of metallic materials. Load Range from 100 kN to 2000 kN.
Variety of test – Tension, Compression, Bend test, Transverse Test, Brinell Test, Shear Test.
Available in dial type, digital and computerized model. Accuracy confirms to IS 1828 / BS 1610.

These machines are designed for very high accuracy, reliability and ease of operation.
Wide Testing range – From soft to hard material, very thin to big samples.
Built in projection screen with Micrometer ( L.C. 0.001 mm ) to get accurate results.
Max. Magnification – 140 X
Also available with Brinell loads.
Test loads – From 1 kgf to 250 kgf
In computerized Model, Vickers indentation can be automatically measured and hardness value is displayed on the screen.
Strictly confirms IS 1754 for Vickers and IS 2281 & BS 240 for Brinell loads.


The pendulum Impact Tester is designed for conducting Izod and Charpy test.

The energy utilized to break Izod or charphy specimen is directly indicated by the pointer.
Confirms IS 1598, IS 1757, IS 1499 & BS 131

Also machines as per ASTM – E – 23 and plastic impact as per IS 867 & ASTM – D – 256 also can be supplied.

Machines with digital readout can also be supplied.

Tensile Testing Machines
Suitable for tensile test of non ferrous metals, wires, cables, wood, plastic, rubber, paper, resin, fabrics etc.
Load Range from 200 N to 50 kN.
Available in dial type, digital and computerised models.
Computer controlled Universal Testing Machine with ball screw is available with 1 kN to 100 kN capacity.

Accuracy confirms to IS 1828 / BS 1610.

It is found that measuring Brinell indentations can result in measurement errors between operators. This B.I.M.S. can virtually eliminate operator influence on test result

Hydraulically Operated Brinell Harness Tester
FTM has developed Brinell Hardness Testing Machine with optical device. Basic machine design and operation is similar to TKB- 3000, with built - in optical device with 14 X magnification provided in front to project diameter of ball impression on glass screen with a micrometer measuring system with 0.01 mm least count. In this machine the indentor swivells and projects diameter of ball impression immediately after unloading operation which avoids additional time for measurement of ball impression. This is a production testing machine. This is suitable for foundry, forging shops, heattreatment shops, engineering institutions etc.
Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester
Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester is developed to meet the demands of a light weight instrument which can be used to carry out by a universally recognised method of hardness testing.

  Rockwell Harness Tester Model TRS Series

Computerised Universal Testing Machines
Universal Testing Machine have a wide range of applications. Anumber of materials, metals in different form and shapes can be tested for variety of tests like Tension, Compression, Transverse, Bend, Shear, Brine Hardness etc. Special attachments are also available for testing of Flat Be lts, Chain Links, Wire Ropes etc.
Electronic Spring Testing Machines
Notch Broaching machine suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous material for sample preparation of 'V' & 'U' notches for Impact Testing Machine. Notch Broaching Machine can cut correct 'U' & 'V' notches in Charpy or Izod specimen by means of multi-toothed broach.

Digital Brinell Hardness Tester

Digital Brinell Hardness Tester : Model OPFB-3000D

Technical specifications: Same as that of model OPFB - 3000.

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