Metallurgical Instrument

Metallurgical Instrument

Metallurgical Microscopes
We supply all types of metallurgical microscopes including inverted/erect stage. Magnification: Max. up to 900 X
Computer interface attachment to get instant photographs.
Powerful image analyzer software can be supplied with above attachment.
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Automatic polishing cum grinding machine capacity.
with 3 or 6 samples at a time polishing
Dry Belt
Various types of dry belt grinders
Belt width up to 200 mm
Also available with dust collector
Dust collector open & enclosed types.
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Abrasive cut-off machines used for burn free cutting of metallic samples for spectroscopic & microscopic examination.
Assured burn free cut faces from tractor axels to 2 mm diameter niddles are in use for more than32 years.
Cut capacity up to 150 mm.
Models – manual, semiautomatic & fully automatic with various cut capacities.
Automatic Cutoff machines
Mounting press for metallurgical specimen mounting.
Models – manual, semiautomatic & fully automatic.
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Table top double disc polishing machine with variable D.C. motor.
Quick change facility.
One piece basin for clean rust free working area.
Double Disc NVF
Double Disc
Double disc polishing machine.
Speeds 300 to 1200 rpm.
Sturdy frame.
Storage compartments.
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Table top single disc polishing machine
Variable speed from 150 to 1200 rpm.
For grinding & polishing microscopic
inspection of metals, ceramics.
Single Disc
We can also supply following metallurgical machines:
1. Spectro disc grinder/polisher Special added feature – specimen holding arm with     stopper & return mechanism for worrying convenience and added safety.     Motorized suction for dust collection. Disc sizes up to 350 mm Ø.
2. Jominy quench hardenability test apparatus: One piece basin. All parts are made     from non corrosive material.
3. Muffle furnace with digital temperature indicator & controller.
4. Consumables like fine cut wheels, polishing cloths, emery papers, polishing     alumina,
    emery belt, diamond paste, phenolic molding powder, cold setting for mounts etc.
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Also we undertake service/maintenance contracts for above machines.
We are manufacturers and our setup is situated at New Sangvi, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )