Dynamic Balancing Machines

Auto Correction Vertical Balancing Machines

DSP based measuring panel

Servo Drill head for correction

Ideal for disc shaped rotors such as clutch plates, flywheels, fan blades, Magnetos, Grinding wheels, impellers etc.

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Belt Driven Horizontal Balancing Machines - HDCM

Cost saving on manufacturing of precision adaptor to connect drive coupling to rotor.

Any rotor can be balanced without losing time in manufacturing of adaptor.

The balancing accuracy of rotor not disturbed due to unbalance in drive coupling/adaptor.

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Horizontal Balancing Machines - HDM

Machines Model HDM are horizontal type universal hard bearing balancing machines provided with Microprocessor based measuring panel HDM-8500 for balancing different shapes of rotors like rotors of electrical machines, crankshafts, cylinders, Gas Compressors, flywheels, turbine rotors, rotors of centrifugal pumps and any other type of rotors of rotating machines.

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Vertical Balancing Machines - HDVM & HDVTM

Machines Model HDVTM are Vertical type single plane Hard Bearing Machine provided with Microprocessor based measuring panel HDVM-8500 for balancing Disc shaped rotors such as Clutch plates , Fan Blades, Fly wheels, Magnetos, Grinding wheels, Impellers etc.

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